Get The Good Towing Service By Following These 7 Tips

Published On November 16, 2017 | By admin | Automotive

One of the most relieving services offered by roadside assistance companies is the towing service. You never know when your car will break down in the middle of the road and it’s even more pitiful when you don’t know anything about the engines or batteries of cars. The only thing you can do is to take the car to the nearest service centre and remove the fault. But to take it to the service centre, you need a good towing service. Experts at car towing services in share here the tips for hiring a good towing service.

1. Check Experience

Before hiring a towing service ask how experienced they are in the towing work. Most towing companies have their own websites. Visit their website and look for the number of years they are in the industry. You can also look for if they specialize in your class of vehicle. For example, if you own a RV or a tractor trailer, you have to check if they have an experience in towing these vehicles. Or if you have a motorcycle, the towing company you are planning to hire should be experienced in towing all types of motorbikes.

2. Check Insurance and Safety Certificates

Another precaution you should take is to check whether all their workers that will come to rescue you and your vehicle are insured and if their towing vehicles are safety certified.

3. Check Additional Services

Towing services not only provide their services in emergencies like accidents, but also for taking your vehicle to motor sports, relocation and other purposes.

Also towing services are offered by roadside assistance providers. You should know what additional services they provide so that you can take benefit of those services. For example, they may provide flat tyre service, battery assistance and locksmith services too.

4. Check Timing and Promptness

The towing service should operate 24/7 and should reach you within a minimum stipulated time. This is because you can’t say when emergency can occur. Maybe you are traveling at midnight or dawn and your car faces a breakdown. In that case, if your towing service is about to reach you within a short time, it reduces your stress a lot as you won’t have to be stranded in the horrible situation for a very long time.

5. Check Guarantee

Do the towing services guarantee of towing your vehicle safely to your destination? This guarantee is also important just like their promptness. You don’t want your vehicle to be damaged while being towed.

6. Explain Clearly

A precaution you should take on your part is to figure out what’s exactly wrong with your vehicle as far as possible and explain it as clearly to the towing service as you can. Never try to fix it yourself once you call the towing service; you will still have to pay and you may cause even greater damage to your car.

7. Fees and Distance of Towing

It’s very important to know the fee structure of the towing company. Some of them will charge you for special types of tows, for crossing country borders or for your type of vehicle. If you take a membership of a roadside assistance company, they offer towing service for a certain distance for free (included in their membership free). After that distance, they don’t abandon you, but charge you extra, which you should inquire beforehand.

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