Surfing in The Red Island Beach

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Surfing became a civilization expanding beyond the sport itself. Gear and fashion clothes are flourishing worldwide for the love of surf. In addition to getting ecstatic for getting abilities to maneuver a plank, surfing could be done in various places other than by the beach. Stand-up surfing on the beach waves have become the most famous and became one of the hardest extreme sports to try. There is also kite surfing, windsurfing and sidewalk surfing known as skateboarding. The subject of Banyuwangi, – situated in the extreme eastern end of Java only through the island of Bali, – is blessed with lots of natural wonders.

One of which is its spectacular beaches. The beach here are located either close to the town, secluded beyond the rain forests or is hiding on a distant island. The most famous beach which has attracted the name of Banyuwangi into the world’s attention are Surfing in The Red Island Beach, The G Land Beach and The Tabuhan Island Beach. Each one has its unique character favored by visitors, particularly people who seek to play among the waves. However, the Gland Beach is quite dangerous since it’s some cold blasts and high tides which aren’t for first-time surfers.

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The Red Island Beach

Also, known locally as the Pulau Merah Beach, it’s situated reasonably close to the town of Banyuwangi. It is about 60 km away, a tremendous 2-2.5 hours drive to get at one of this most distinctive beach in the area. It is called Red Island since the white sand of the beach has combined with the dirt below which has come down this mountain shaped staircase. The island has a red soil and has been grown with lush vegetation. You can visit it when at low tide. Many people also say that it is called Red Island due to the reddish sky that’s created while the sunset touches the crimson sand.

On weekends the Red Island is crowded with local visitors due to its proximity to the city and is easily reachable by road. Year after year it’s grown in a hot tourist destination. Last year at 2015, the 4th International Surfing Contest was held here in September. Surfers accumulated from 20 different nations from around the globe to compete in 7 categories: the open international, the national, expat, longboard, a paddle race, grommet for 14 years old, also pushing division for ten years past. Red Island is the perfect location for surfing competitions due to its constant waves and sandy seabed.

Waves are long and have an approximate height of 2 to 5 meters, which makes it ideal for practicing your surfing abilities. Surf camps are flourishing around the region, offering equipment for rent and basic lessons on the way to ride the waves. Accommodation is available for visitors to select from, and while you’re here, do try delicious food. Local kids are also beginning to get more intrigued by surfing, and may be seen joining training lessons.

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