What are the principles of soundproofing?

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Choosing to soundproof your home or your business is always a great idea, however, you need to make sure that you meet Part E of the Building Regulations. To ensure that you achieve great soundproofing, there are a number of things that you can do; including the installation of Acoustic Flooring!

Acoustic Flooring allows you to prevent the spread of unwanted volumes, whether it be the sound of your neighbours talking, walking or even the sound coming from the TV! If you’re looking to soundproof your home to create a more comfortable environment, don’t hesitate to invest in Acoustic Flooring from JCW Acoustic Flooring today!

There are several principles associated with soundproofing; including the following:


Sometimes, sound absorption can be mistaken for soundproofing. Absorptive materials offer a simple level of soundproofing; however, it’s considered to be less effective than the other principles (especially if it’s used on its own).

Absorption and sound blocking are two very different things; sound absorption is used to improve the acoustics within a room only but doesn’t prevent the transmission of unwanted sound.


Do your floorboards creak every time you walk over them? Can you hear the sound of footsteps from the apartment above you? There are various sounds that can cause a disturbance, either in the home or the business, however, decoupling can help you to reduce the transfer of sound by separating the ceiling structure from the floor.

The creation of a floating floor will ultimately minimise the transfer of sound, allowing you to soundproof your building with great effect.


A thick, heavy material can block out sounds that are considered to be disruptive. Using heavy mass can work out to be the most effective solution if you’re looking to prevent airborne sounds, such as voices, music and volumes from the TV.

Acoustic Mineral Wool

The Acoustic Mineral Wool can offer sound insulation to the highest degree, allowing you to eliminate the transfer of excess volumes.

Often, the Acoustic Mineral Wool is best used once it’s fitted tightly to the framework, offering a snug fit.


If you’re looking to prevent the sound of vibrations from sound waves, why not add damping to your floorboards? The easiest way to add damping is to apply a single layer of Cellecta Screedboard 28 between subfloors.

The Cellecta Screedboard 28 is designed to comply with robust detail and offers an effective solution for low-frequency noise. Damping is ideal for eliminating the noise from construction machinery or music.

Acoustic Decking

The Acoustic Deck from JCW Acoustic Flooring is used to reduce the transmission of sound. JCW supply the Acoustic Decking to suit various applications, including concrete and timber floors. An Acoustic Deck will incorporate a pre-bonded resilient layer, regardless of whether you choose JCW Acoustic Deck 19, 28 or 32!

Acoustic Battens

Another way to soundproof your building is to invest in Acoustic Battens. These battens are designed to suit various applications and can enhance your Acoustic Flooring to ensure that it performs exceptionally.

Any of the Acoustic Battens, supplied by JCW Acoustic Flooring, are made from recycled polyurethane which maintains high compressive strength and is best-suited to multi-storey buildings.

Acoustic Cradles

Insulating your property couldn’t be any easier! JCW provide a complete range of Acoustic Cradles that have been designed specifically to reduce impact sound, as well as levelling uneven floors.

Installing Acoustic Cradles can isolate floating floors, ensuring that they are held away from the walls and skirting boards, ultimately eliminating the transfer of impact sounds like footsteps.

If you need to know more about soundproofing and Acoustic Flooring, feel free to call the experts at JCW Acoustic Flooring on 01204 387029 today!

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